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Results Driven SEO

When SEO efforts are fruitful, more people will visit a website. As more people visit your site, your sales will rise proportionally. But what if you could boost both your traffic and conversion rate? That means even more business for you!
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How I Can Help Increase
Your Traffic & Sales?

If you are facing challenges in attaining visibility in search results, being an SEO expert, I can assist you in achieving your business objectives. I develop tailored SEO strategies that drive you towards your desired outcomes.
I Listen

I Listen

Before anything else, I prioritise listening to you. I acknowledge that each business is unique, and my initial conversation will revolve around your business, website, customers, and, most significantly, your business objectives.
I Plan

I Plan

Once I understand your business, I will start crafting your SEO strategy. I will create a comprehensive report highlighting your current strengths and weaknesses, along with a complete plan of attack to move forward most efficiently.
I Report

I Report

Every month, I will provide you with a comprehensive growth report, along with an explainer video. I will highlight the areas where significant progress has been achieved and explain the implications for your bottom line. I will also share updates on my ongoing and future activities to ensure I meet your goals.

I Improve

SEO campaigns are inherently dynamic, and I continuously evaluate progress to identify potential areas of improvement. For instance, there are occasions when certain pages exceed expectations, prompting me to adjust strategies and capitalise on these opportunities.

Are We The Right Fit? 

As you will, as a customer, I am also very selective about the clients I take on. For SEO to work on your investment, you must understand some primary areas, as stated below.

It's a Long Term,

SEO requires time, effort, and patience before we start seeing results.

You Must Take SEO

SEO needs to be allowed to take effect. It can be the best marketing channel you have.

Effective SEO Is Not

SEO demands collaboration from writers, designers, and more. It's true what they say – you get what you pay for.

Experienced In SEO 

I'm Paul Gordon an SEO freelancer who has spent the last 16 years helping businesses expand and grow through effective SEO strategies. Many of my new clients are looking for an SEO expert due to already engaging with SEO that hasn't worked for them. Is this you? Or are you a start up and looking for expert help, if so I can help.

In my past I have been a head of SEO at an agency, server administrator, and a website developer, so I have deep knowledge of all technical areas. And I  know what is required to effectively scale traffic using SEO for remarkable commercial results.

The last several years have been dedicated to developing effective long-term plans for small and medium-sized businesses. I have established solid partnerships with companies across several sectors, from online retailers and service providers to media outlets and advertising firms. My approach is to deliver results-driven SEO - you don't get any fluff and your website does what it's designed to do – get results.
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"Complete openness to the SEO plan expertly executed with results better than expected"

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"The best investment you can make for your business when you wish for it to succeed online."

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My Day Rate

£400 + Vat 
Depending on your needs will depend on the realistic levels of time you will need to invest in SEO for it to be a success. Of course, you may want to hire me for a set amount of hours to work or review your current SEO strategies. My day rate of £400 is very reasonable when taking into account my experience, work ethic and results.
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My Simple SEO Process


Share Your Long Terms Goals

You may be looking for more sales and a better conversion rate, which ultimately is the result of more traffic.
Boost your presence in relevant keyword searches
More leads, sales and revenue

Review and Analyse all areas

This in-depth review analysis will include looking at current performance, competitors, keywords, technical SEO and fixing low hanging fruits so we make the most informed decisions.
Find underlying problems
Use stats to devise plan to improve results

Report Back & Share Plan

Now we will agree on the next steps to take and agree on which keyword to focus on first. This may include changes to your site and your content.
Keyword identification and content
Current situation

Implement SEO Steps

To achieve SEO success, it is essential to lay a solid groundwork. Years of experience have led to a proven method that organises interconnected strategies.
Implementing short term strategies
Planning and implementing long term strategies

SEO Services  

Monthly SEO

There's no contract for monthly SEO; in month one, I start working on the top priority issues we find in the initial analysis and research report, which must be completed first. And each month, I will provide feedback on progress.

Budget Driven

No contract – drop out any time
The most critical areas worked on
Expect to see positive changes within 3 to 4 months
Monthly SEO

Local SEO

Get found by people in the local vicinity who are often seeking an immediate solution. Your website is set up for increased visibility in the local area for local buyers or those passing through.

One Off Cost or Long Term

Local onsite SEO optimisation changes
Local citations and references
Keyword identification
Local SEO

e-commerce SEO

Get set up for online retail success. Your site and content are tweaked for those looking to buy your products and services. A long term process.

Budget Driven

Get your products found
Increase conversion
Increase profits
E-Commerce SEO

SEO Consultancy

Take advice and guidance on positioning your site for online commercial results with effective SEO, backed by my experience in migration, servers and web development.

Lets Talk

Get honest advice
Gain clarity and direction
Discover any pitfalls and dangers
SEO Consultancy
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Why Me

I provide a top-tier high quality SEO solution that really works. Web development and server management are two areas in which I have experience. For over 16 years, I've provided excellent SEO results for my customers.

You have to trust the process and have some patience to get results, as SEO is a long-term investment in your business, website and brand. 

I have achieved and maintained excellent results even in the most competitive sectors and an in-depth understanding of how SEO fits into the larger context of the digital world as well as how it interacts with the many types of digital marketing (PPC, Social, UX, etc.).

Complete openness and transparency are what you get from me. I provide each client with a monthly video update and detailed monthly reports that explain my results, findings and suggestions for the next month. I will always strive to meet or exceed expectations and deliver measurable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a SEO Specialist do?

As an SEO expert, it is my job to determine the best ways to boost a website's visibility in search engine results and attract more customers. I can help the company expand and increase its revenue by bringing in more potential customers.

Online marketer/digital account executive is another name for me, but I've also seen "content marketer" and "conversion rate optimiser" used. Your objectives will be specific, and a clear criterion will be used for success.

There was a time when high search engine results for specific keywords were the only yardstick of success. Search engine rankings are still helpful, but they are no longer paramount.

I find where to focus on what to change to make the most significant impact. KPIs that directly impact the bottom line are the most crucial ones to monitor. It includes things like organic sessions, target conversions, and income.

When can I expect to notice SEO's effects?

The goal of search engine optimisation is not the same as that of marketing. You can't pay one fee and reach whoever you want to reach. It's not advertising. If you want to be in the top result for a particular term, you'll need to convince them that you really are the best result for them. Work needs to go into this to make it possible.

The first signs of improvement may not appear until 3 to 4 months down the line. If you have an established site, it can be quicker. I really does depend on you current SEO standing

How much does SEO cost?

The strategies required for success are dependent on your objectives. This, therefore, provides a basis for creating an action plan and the associated funding.

This leads us back to positioning and focusing on game-changing elements. I charge £400 a day, but we can discuss specific costs when you've told me your goals. Feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation chat to tell me about what you're looking for.

Is there a guarantee?

There are no such things as guaranteed rankings in X amount of days, and SEO services that claim to be able to get you to the top of Google within these types of timeframes are nothing but frauds. However, it may be that you already know this as you now looking for an expert. Offerings like these may be used as bait to get clients to invest in an SEO service, but they can serve as a warning sign that you're dealing with the incorrect company. SEO is a marathon, not a race.

I can give you an idea of what to expect regarding results. But there are no hard and firm results as many factors are involved. Although I know what the search engines prefer, I do not have complete control over any website ranking.

Current digital marketing strategy not working?

Let me review and guide you to improve your SEO performance  
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