My Rates For SEO & Link Building

How much does SEO or Link building cost?

SEO & Link building is an investment in your website and the overall online business success in the long term. If you want to emulate the top competitors in your niche, then you have to select the right SEO person to invest your money with. My hourly rate is £65 per hr. Or slightly discounted on a day rate of £400.

The more budget you have, the more I can do.

While it depends on the niche and your current website standing, cost of £1600 + vat would be the minimum starting point. 

*Excluding Adult or CBD niches. These niches minimum starting point would be £4500 + vat.

Budget Driven

Depending on your goals, niche and current website performance, monthly costs for ongoing SEO can differ. 

A typical budget ranges around four to six days of budget per month. 

For local SEO, two days budget may be workable.

Minimum For Outreach

+ vat

Minimum Budget SEO * 

+ vat

Competitive SEO * 

£4500 +
+ vat

Ready to hire

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