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Retain your organic rankings and set your website up for SEO success. Get an expert to plan, consult and implement your SEO migration strategy.

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SEO migration

So you may have a website that's performing well and is moving over to either a new CMS or e-commerce platform such as big commerce, Shopify or Magento, to name a few. And you want to maintain visibility and SEO performance. Then planning out an SEO Migration is vital.

Believe it or not, while it can be a little overwhelming, the process is relatively straightforward when you have an expert overlooking the process. Page redirects, content, internal links, backlinks and site structure are some of the main areas to plan out from the old site to the new.
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SEO migration mastered by My experience

My experience and expertise in relocating dozens of websites, from simple structured sites to multinational sites, mean I am familiar with the pitfalls and how to avoid them. The most crucial factor is that we need to minimise impacts on your current performance by maintaining vital elements for the search engines so that you can retain your website visibility.

Without careful planning for your website migration, there could be devastating consequences, such as traffic reduction and loss of keyword visibility.

Using proven, tried and tested processes, I will handle all of this for you to protect your website. To get started, I will compile an onsite audit and review your existing website's organic performance. From there, I determine the priorities that need to be met to minimise any possible issues with your search engine rankings and to make sure your onsite SEO is the best it can be. Website migration is a process to take seriously by hiring professional people with the right expertise and experience. Contact me if you'd like to discuss your goals.

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"Complete openness to the SEO plan expertly executed with results better than expected"

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"The best investment you can make for your business when you wish for it to succeed online."

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How I can help with your website migration

Do not lose your Search Engine Optimisation when migrating your website. Site migrations play a crucial role in a website's lifecycle. It is essential to incorporate SEO right from the start of the migration process. Whether redesigning your website, changing domains, shifting to HTTPS, or moving to a new server, SEO input is imperative for a successful migration and ongoing visibility in search results. Failure to implement redirects from your old website to the new one can lead search engines to assume that you have disappeared and remove your website from their index.

Why should you seek assistance from an SEO website migrations freelancer? Ensuring a proper migration is crucial to avoid losing traffic, impressions, and overall visibility. Like an agency, I can support your business with various types of migrations, including:

- Domain migrations - Changing your website URL from old to new.

- Subdomain migrations - Relocating parts of your website from a subdomain to a subfolder, or vice versa.

- Protocol migrations - Transitioning from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS.

- International site migrations - Shifting your website from a TLD like ".com" to a globally friendly one such as "".

- Content Management System migration - Switching your CMS, for example, moving from Squarespace to WordPress.

- Content migration - Adding and removing pages, consolidating content, and introducing new languages.

- Structural changes - Modifying your website's architecture, which may involve changes to navigation, internal links, user journey, or URL structure.

- Design & UX changes - Making aesthetic adjustments or revamping your entire website with significant changes to media, copy, code, and performance.

- Hybrid migrations - Combining any of the above approaches.

Choosing my unique services ensures a seamless and successful website migration that preserves your SEO impact.

My top-notch SEO migration services and KPI benchmarking go above and beyond to ensure your website's success. To kick things off, we conduct a comprehensive content audit to assess the performance of your existing website. This includes identifying your high-performing pages that require special attention during the migration process. We also analyse your organic rankings, visibility, and other key metrics, allowing us to create a tailor-made plan to boost performance. 

With a meticulous approach, we focus on enhancing keyword rankings, user engagement, user retention, and overall website traffic, especially to your crucial product/service pages. Additionally, we ensure a seamless transition by setting up and properly tracking your new website using Google Analytics while preserving your historical data.

As part of my risk analysis, our experienced SEO team advises you on potential SEO risks and provides strategies to mitigate them effectively. We collaborate with you to determine the ideal timing for your site migration and create a comprehensive framework aligned with best practices. Defining a "successful migration" for your organisation, such as maintaining organic traffic, is a critical KPI I prioritise.

Furthermore, we thoroughly review your website code to optimise its speed and efficiency, eliminating any elements that may hinder your SEO performance. Our team also conducts an internal link audit to identify outdated links. It ensures that all internal links, including those in menus, content, and sitemap, are updated to align with the new URL structure.

Trust me to deliver exceptional SEO migration services that are tailored precisely to your needs, leaving a long-lasting, positive impact on your website's performance.

Backlink Audit

Taking stock of your backlink profile is just as crucial as managing your internal links. It ensures the preservation of value after migration. We will compile an exhaustive list of existing backlinks, allowing you to inform relevant stakeholders and request timely URL updates.

Search Console Configuration

Configuring Google Search Console is among the most critical steps in informing search engines about your website's move to a new domain. We will create and provide the necessary assets to notify them of the transition and the impending update to your URL structure. This way, we can monitor the performance of your website migration and ensure the indexing of your new URLs.

Post-Launch Website Migration Plan and Roadmap

Being an SEO expert, I will design a comprehensive plan for your website migration. This plan will prioritize tasks and offer a step-by-step process, keeping you informed throughout the journey. You will also have a visual timeline format to showcase the plan to your team, ensuring everyone's awareness of upcoming tasks.

Discover Our Expert Website Migration Insights

Don't let your SEO history be obliterated.

A poorly executed site migration can pose a significant threat to your SEO efforts and data. The resulting loss of visibility and traffic can be catastrophic for businesses, yet it happens all too often. Years' worth of SEO history can disappear overnight, and even minor changes can have disastrous consequences.

Common Pitfalls in Site Migrations

1. Poor strategy and undefined objectives: Without a clear strategy and defined key performance indicators (KPIs), you will struggle to measure the success of your migration.

2. Late involvement of SEO: It is crucial to include SEO considerations from the outset of your website migration; otherwise, your organic traffic is at serious risk.

3. Lack of SEO consultation: Some site owners mistakenly believe that their migration is "simple" and neglect the need for SEO consultation. However, no migration is without its complexities, and even the smallest websites require detailed planning by experienced SEO professionals.

4. Underestimating scale or risk: To avoid disruptive launches during peak seasons (e.g., Christmas), we carefully plan and strategize based on a thorough understanding of the scale and potential risks involved.

Mitigating Risks with My SEO Migration Services

Migrate your website with confidence.

Before launching a new site or making significant changes to your site's architecture, we strongly advise consulting with us. Proper SEO input from the beginning is vital to ensure a positive experience for you and your customers. Our SEO migration services will guide you through every step of the migration process, providing valuable SEO insights along the way.

How I can help with your website migration

Working with goals, timelines and forecasted outcomes, I will carefully take your business through website migration with minimal negative impact. There will be plans, updates and regular communications as we go through the process. There won't be any surprises, so your website migration doesn't turn into one of those horror stories we've all heard about.

Together we will ensure that all aspects of your website's usability will be included in our plan. This means we will be considering any effects or changes required to the architecture, mobile responsiveness, metadata, linking and other features such as search. Having spent years helping businesses to go through the website migration process, you can count on me to guide you through the process with all the technical considerations covered and attended to.
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