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How To SEO Your LinkedIn Account - Top 5

January 25, 2016
Paul Gordon

How To SEO Your LinkedIn Account - Top 5

If you’re a professional without a LinkedIn account, you could be missing out on a ton of valuable connections and information. LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. It puts you in a great position to meet people in the same industry as you.

People who could help you find a new employee, get hired, or discover a new service. You can simply find people who put out valuable blog posts. LinkedIn is the must have account for business professionals. However, even if you have a LinkedIn account, you could be missing out if you’re not optimising it for people to find you. SEOing your LinkedIn account is highly recommended to get your name out there! Many of the results you’ll find in the search engines are LinkedIn pages, so make sure yours is up there and worth viewing. Here are the top 5 ways to do just that:

Make the Most of the Publisher Option

This option is fairly new, but very effective. It allows you to post content directly to LinkedIn, meaning your name and face is shown more often to your followers. It shows you’re active, and more importantly, shows off your expertise. Writing quality content just can’t be beaten. Check the metrics for your post once it’s live to make sure it’s getting the attention it deserves. You can then make changes as necessary. Take your time writing quality content and improving on it each time to make sure you’re establishing yourself as an expert in the industry.

Use Keywords and Make Sure You’ve Filled Out All Information

Make sure you use keywords when filling out your profile, to give yourself more of a chance of showing up in the search engines feed. Don’t stuff keywords; make sure everything sounds good and makes sense in your writing. Inject a little personality too! Make sure you’ve filled out all of the information, even volunteering and causes that you care about. Having a fully completed, keyword based profile is the way to get the attention you deserve and a place in the search engines.

Promote it

Promoting your LinkedIn account elsewhere will improve your visibility, and maybe even get you a few new connections. You can also build links this way. Start by including a link to your account on your email signature. That way, everybody you reach out to will be able to further check you out on the platform. You can also promote any posts that you publish on LinkedIn, using other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Do be careful when mixing social audiences though, and make sure the content is relevant and useful. Your LinkedIn profile will also need to be visible to all for this to work. Make sure you have checked this in your settings. It sounds obvious, but some people make the mistake of thinking it is automatically public.

Focus On Getting Endorsed

Getting endorsements will always increase the value of your profile. Some wonder whether it actually affects your ranking or not, but an endorsed profile is a great profile regardless. Some people suspect that the site is moving towards popularity based rankings. That means that if this is the case, the more endorsements you have the better. Ask your close connections for a hand and endorse people you know too. Make sure your endorsements are true and detailed. To get the best endorsements, you’ll need to aim to do the best job possible for clients!

Claim Your Custom URL

One of the most simple steps you can take to SEO your LinkedIn account is claim your custom URL. You can put your URL on CVs and your blog, if you have one. If the URL is easy to remember, people may remember you and continue to visit if they need your expertise. You can also ensure that your URL fits your business card! It’s a good idea to have your full name, but in some cases somebody may beat you to it. This means you’ll need to be a little more creative, but you must ensure that it’s professional!


There you have it; the top 5 ways to SEO your LinkedIn account. Taking these steps right now will ensure you have a completed, quality LinkedIn profile. A profile that helps you to complete your main business objectives. Take your time to make sure you choose the right keywords! Whether you have a business, work as a freelancer, or want to learn more about different industries, LinkedIn is a great place to start. Good luck!

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