Helping Site Rank & Generate Sales for over 16 years
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Paul Gordon

Helping Site Rank in Google & Generate Sales for over 16 years

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e-commerce SEO Services

SEO services by me, an SEO freelancer for e-commerce websites. I have helped many e-commerce websites collectively generate millions of pounds worth of sales with my SEO. While SEO and e-commerce SEO is pretty much the same, e-commerce SEO generally needs more expertise and time.

I have successfully helped raise the visibility of e-commerce sites that use Shopify, Bigcommce, Magento and Woocommerce. I also have an excellent understanding of these CMSs from a technical standpoint, which can ensure we are working productively in any given area.
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Results Driven SEO

When SEO efforts are fruitful, more people will visit a website. As more people visit your site, your sales will rise proportionally. But what if you could boost both your traffic and conversion rate? That means even more business for you!
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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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Plan, Analyse & Review

I need to review everything from the bottom up. This report will be quite extensive. However, it is critical for long-term success as no guesswork is happening.
No all pros and cons
Allows for an agile approach

Implement SEO Each Month 

From the report findings, the step will be taken to work on the top priorities. Onsite SEO work and any long-hanging fruit, for example.
Increase traffic
Increase sales & conversions 

Report Back Each Month

Transparent reporting with a screencast that explains everything with no fluff. These reports go into everything, the good and the not-so-good.
Video report
Performace report

Repeat, Improve SEO

Continue to repeat the process and constantly review competitors and the website's onsite SEO. Work on the key areas each month.
Long term success
Sales increase 

how much does e-commerce SEO cost per month?

My day rate is £400 + vat a day. Five days is the minimum recommended level. However, I can be more specific once we discuss and review the website and its business goals.
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"Complete openness to the SEO plan expertly executed with results better than expected"

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"The best investment you can make for your business when you wish for it to succeed online."

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