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Helping Site Rank in Google & Generate Sales for over 16 years

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Local SEO Services

Local SEO aims to raise a company's profile in local search results. This can range from a small local business such as a plumber wanting to increase its visibility in results for the term "plumber near me" when users are in the region doing a Google search using that query. This also works well for Lawyers, for example, who want to be found in the map positions in Google results in their local area.

Along with some on-site SEO work, there are also off-site actions taken to improve results—simple steps such as local citations and branded backlinks.
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Results Driven SEO

When SEO efforts are fruitful, more people will visit a website. As more people visit your site, your sales will rise proportionally. But what if you could boost both your traffic and conversion rate? That means even more business for you!
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Improve Local 

Map Postions

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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Process of Local SEO


Plan, Analyse & Review

Research into best keywords for your local area. Analysis of your performance and competitors' performance. Review where you are now and where you need to be.
The right keywords
A report on your current standing

Implement Local SEO 

Improvement is undertaken every month to improve your standing in local search. Analysis of increased traffic and success.
Relevant tweaking and content addition where required
Improve relevant link content and citations

Report Back Each Month

I will share with you the citations report and local rankings.
Video report
Performance reports

Repeat, Improve

Depending on your project & if your local SEO is more competitive, we need to repeat the SEO process each month.
Continue to improve SEO
Better results will lead to more traffic and more enquiries 

how much does Local SEO cost per month?

My day rate is £400 + VAT a day. I need to review and listen to your requirements to determine what budget you will need to complete and improve your standing for your local area.
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"Complete openness to the SEO plan expertly executed with results better than expected"

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"The best investment you can make for your business when you wish for it to succeed online."

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Other SEO Services  

E-Commerce SEO

Get set up for online retail success. Your site and content tweaked for those looking to buy your products and services. This is typically a one-time service that is budget driven.

Budget Driven

Product descriptions to get found
Increase conversion
Increase profits
E-Commerce SEO

Monthly SEO

There's no contract for monthly SEO, you pick what you want after I've reviewed and reported on your site. I will focus on the most impactful tasks and provide feedback on progress and this is budget driven.

One Off Cost or Long Term

No contract – drop out any time
The most critical areas worked on
Expect to see positive changes within 3 or 4 months
Monthly SEO

Technical Audits

Starting with an audit to establish how your present website measures up to industry standards are essential for building a successful SEO plan. The audit's goal is to identify as many root causes of poor organic search performance as possible.

Budget Driven

Find issues preventing search results
Gain clarity and direction
Discover pitfalls and dangers
Technical Audits

SEO Research

Doing your homework on the best keywords, your competition's SEO strategy, and the best venues to gain strong links. In addition, an analysis of your site's ability to reach and attract new customers.

Review Potential Reach 

Find the most relevant keywords
Study competitor's sites and outreach
Discover the best places to get links
SEO Research
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